How To Make SEO Optimized Content In Blogs

How To Make SEO Optimized Content In Blogs

SEO Optimized Content

Hi Friend’s In today’s article I am talking about how to create SEO Optimized Content in WordPress Blog. In fact our WordPress blog SEO Optimize Content is also Most import to rank in search engine. With SEO Optimized Content our WordPress Blog Search are first of all highly ranking, and especially our website get lots of traffic from google Search Engine.


How to Write SEO Optimized Content

How To Write SEO Optimized Content

To make any of our blog show in First Page in Google Search Results, We require to write a fully SEO Optimized Content or SEO Friendly Content on our WordPress or Google blog. With  SEO Friendly Content Google Search Engine can simply read our content. Then our article was display on the first page of search engine as long.

So today i am telling you around some things new tricks that you can use this to display your content on the first page in Search engine. And you will also capable to create aspects content for your WordPress or Google blog.

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1. Perfect Keyword Selection For Your Posts

When you write an content on a particular topic, Then this topic is your main keyword. You will need to see what are the competition is on that keyword which is you choose, and also know how much searches of that Keyword’s While you write Article . Which will make you an Idea of which keyword is choose for you content.

I am suggest that you to always choose very low competition keyword. If you select low competition than you have to aspects low competition and your website may easily rank in search results.

Keyword Selection

2. Write Headings and Sub-Headings For Your Posts

While you have selected Keyword for your posts, you have to mainly Focus on heading. Choose that which Headings are perfect for your posts , How many of headings that you have to write your Main Keywords and also How many of headings are there to use an alternative headings.

As i already inform you one point that Google shows those articles or posts at the top in search results with more information in your content and use alternative keywords in your posts. So headings are very much important to you for rank your article or posts.

3. Write Readable Paragraphs

Using readable paragraphs in the posts that will automatically increases the readability of your post. People can easily understand and read your post when you write readable paragraph in your post. Thus you should use a lots of  paragraphs in your article or posts.

Whenever you write a post, regularly try to add any different ideas or whenever you have to add a new ideas in your sentences or when you are flowing to do something extra explanation, then also you must write these content in new paragraphs. These things are get more visitors in your sites, and your users are easily well understand.

If your paragraph is became too long, then try to less this paragraph 7-8 lines. Which will also look easier to read for visitors.

4. Write SEO Optimized Content For Paragraphs

When you write your posts first of all you must enter your main or focus keywords in First Paragraphs and also in Second Paragraphs. Then Search Engine can instantly observe your Focus Keyword and display your posts at the top.

In our first paragraph you must enter at least 1 or at most 2 times your main keyword. With that things our posts has SEO Friendly Content  or SEO Optimized Content. You can put your main keywords only one time in the second paragraph. Because if you use more and more of your main keywords in first and second paragraphs, then the keyword will be padding in your posts, and your Posts will not able to rank on search results. So finally you should more accurate in observance the keyword.

5. Image Optimization in your post

Search Engine can’t read images. So then Google Blogger and WordPress give you one facility of image Optimization. In image optimization you can optimize your image.

You can optimize your image and write your Main Keyword in image which is very important for Search Ranking.

Sometimes when you use more than one image in your posts and, not enter alternative keywords on all of these images. So that is very worse with search engine’s angle and your post is never ranked.

Write your main keyword in headings and also use alternative keywords on all of your Images. These things will raise the quantity of your alternate keywords. If you search in search engine for those keywords, May be your post can display top of the page in search results.

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6. Make SEO Friendly Search Description

When you search for a particular  keyword on the search engine then the results you get are displayed on basically three choices like our Title, Permalink and Search Description.

Your SEO friendly Search Description which should not more than 300 character. Because if you use more than 300 characters , then your search description will not display perfectly in search results.

If you make your blog on WordPress, than you can install the plugins like Yoast SEO. Which helps you to create Search Description. But if you make your blog on Blogger, then there are not any plugins like WordPress. In Google Blogger use such online tools to improve your Search Description.

7. SEO Optimized Permalinks on your post

When we create a websites, our websites has an address. Same as when we create an post, that post also has an one address like URL. This URL is called Permalink in the On page SEO language.

Both of platforms (Blogger and WordPress) gives you the facility of Permalink in your post. So you can create your SEO Friendly Permalink.


This are the things that you keep in your mind to write SEO Friendly Permalink:-

You should make your Permalink as small as can possible. Small Permalink is increase chances of your posts are in rank. Also notice that your Permalink contain your main keywords and note that not use stop word in Permalink.

8. Make Internal Links In Your Posts

When you create a posts, then you can add links of your other posts in your post. So that when a user visits your posts than they aware with your other Post and also reads that post.

Internal link

Internal Linking makes your post SEO optimized and helps you to gain more and more traffic. That is the thing  create internal links.

9. Add Labels and Tags

In your post when you use labels and tags, your post can easily rank in search results. Because here you can add your main keyword and alternative keywords.

We will suggest you that write maximum of 5 tags or labels per post.

10. Write Competitive Content In your Posts

To write a aggressive content, your content must be at least 1100 words. Then this content come to first Page in Search Results.

If you are confused with how to write content of 1100 words, Here are the suggestion about it.

As i tell you in above, that you have to write headings and sub-headings before you writing post. When you think on headings and sub-headings, then your content is Automatic will be became more than 1100 words.

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This is the Complete article About How To Make SEO Optimized Content In Blogs. If You any quires about following steps then you can contact us in our Social accounts.

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