How To Delete Blog On Blogger

How To Delete Blog On Blogger

How To Delete Blog On Blogger

First Of all Thank you for reading this article. If You are searching for How To Delete Blog On Blogger then you are standing at perfect place. This article is about How To Delete Blog On Blogger, So without waste any time lets come on this article.


How To Delete Blog On Blogger

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How To Delete Blog On Blogger Permanently

In this article we show you How To Delete Blog On Blogger. Some times we made many mistakes and it necessary to delete the blog rather than changing mistakes in same blog . So, here is the solution , How To Delete Blog From Blogger. The basic steps are given in this article.

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Step 1:- Open Google Blogger And Then Click Other In Setting Options.

Open your google  blogger  and select which blog you want to delete.

We take  an example so we can easily understand , Suppose we have a blog named “beautycare” . We select the blog beautycare . Which is shown in given figure .

How To Delete Blog On Blogger

In the second figure we click on setting button . There are sub-menu  given which we can show in figure . In sub-menus we click on “other” button. Here button are mark.

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How To Delete Blog On Blogger

Step 2:- Click Other Button In Setting Menu Then Click Delete Blog.

 Now as we click the other button , New window opens which is shows in figure. In this figure you can see the option “delete blog”. We marked the “delete blog”.

Click on that button.

How To Delete Blog On Blogger

Step 3:- Click Delete This Blog.

As you clicked the delete button , A new popup box will open which is shown Figure .

It asks if you want to save that blog before you want to delete. If you want to save , click  download button otherwise  press Delete This Blog button.

How To Delete Blog On Blogger

Step 4:-

When you click on the “Delete This Blog” the blog will be delete Permanently.

How To Delete Blog On Blogger

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