Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Key For Keyboard

Computer Shortcut Key

Are You looking for Computer Shortcut Key? In this post i will tell you a lots of Computer Shortcut Key in our system. Also In the Computer Shortcut Key for keyboard is a set of multiple keys that invoke a particular command in our operating system.

Computer Shortcut Keys

These shortcuts can also provide an easy and quick method of using computer programs in our system. These commands are generally achieve by using the Alt key (on Windows computers), also Command key (on iOS computers), and Ctrl and Shift keys in conjunction with only single letter.

Computer Shortcut Key For Windows

Keyboard shortcuts is a typically a means for conjure one or many commands using the keyboard. That would differently be available only through a menu, also pointing device, disparate levels of a user interface, and also via a command-line interface. Computer Keyboard shortcuts are mostly used to accelerate common operations by the reducing input sequences to a minor keystrokes, hence it is the term “shortcut”.

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Computer Shortcut Key

Computer Shortcut Key

Computer Shortcut Key for Microsoft Excel :

Computer Shortcut Key

  1)Shift + F5    Opens the Find and Replace dialogue box.
  2)Ctrl + Shift + Colon (:)    Enter the current time.
  3)Ctrl + Semicolon (;)    Enter the current date.
  4)Ctrl + A    Select all content in the worksheet.
  5)Ctrl + B    Bold highlighted selection
  6)Ctrl + I    Italicize highlighted selection.
  7)Ctrl + K    Open the Insert hyperlink dialogue box.
  8)Ctrl + U    Underline highlighted selection.
  9)Ctrl + 5    Apply strike through formatting.
  10)Ctrl + P    Brings up the print dialog box.
  11)Ctrl + Z    Undo.
  12)Ctrl + F9    Minimize a workbook window to an icon.
  13)Ctrl + F10    Maximize a selected workbook window.
  14)Ctrl + F6    Switch to the next workbook window when multiple are open.
  15)Ctrl + Page Up    Move to previous sheet in a workbook.
  16)Ctrl + Page Down    Move to next sheet in a workbook.
  17)Ctrl + Tab    Switch to next tab in dialogue box.
  18)Ctrl + Apostrophe (‘)    Insert the value of the above cell into the cell currently Selected
  19)Ctrl + Shift + !    Apply the Number format.
  20)Ctrl + Shift + $    Apply the Currency format
  21)Ctrl + Shift + #    Apply the Date format.
  22)Ctrl + Shift + %    Apply the Percentage format.
  23)Ctrl + Shift + ^    Apply the Exponential format.
  24)Ctrl + Shift + @    Apply the Time format.
  25)Ctrl Ctrl + Shift + @+ Arrow Key     Move to the edge of the current data region in a worksheet.
  26)Ctrl + Space    Select an entire column in a worksheet.
  27)Shift + Space    Select an entire row in a worksheet.

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Computer Shortcut Key For MS Word :

Computer Shortcut Key

  1)F1 key   Help.
  2)Shift +F1 Key   Review text formatting.
  3)F2 Key   Move text or image.
  4)Shift + F2 Key   Copy text.
  5)F3 Key   Insert an auto-text entry.
  6)Shift + F3 Key   Change the case of the selected text.
  7)F4 Key   Perform last action again.
  8)Shift + F4 Key   Perform a Find or Go To action again.
  9)F5 Key   Displays the Go To dialogue box.
  10)Shift + F5 Key   Move to a previous revision.
  11)F6 Key   Go to the next frame or pan.
  12)Shift + F6 Key   Go to the previous frame or pane.
  13)F7 Key   Launch the Spell Checker.
  14)Shift + F7 Key   Launch the Thesaurus.
  15)F8 Key   Extend the current selection.
  16)Shift + F8 Key   Shrink the current selection.
  17)F9 Key   Refresh.
  18)Shift + F9 Key   Switch between a field code and its result.
  19)F10 Key   Show Key Tips.
  20)Shift + F10 Key   Display a Shortcut Menu.
  21)F11 Key   Go to the next field.
  22)SHIFT + F11 Key   Go to the previous field.
  23)F12 Key   Open Save As, equivalent to tools menu.
  24)Shift + F12 Key   Save document, equivalent to tools menu.
  25)Ctrl + A   Selects all in the current document.
  26)Ctrl + B   Bold text.
  27)Ctrl + C   Copies the item or text.
  28)Ctrl + D   Displays the Font dialogue box.
  29)Ctrl + H   Displays the Replace dialogue box.
  30)Ctrl + I   Italicize text.
  31)Ctrl + K   Create a hyperlink.
  32)Ctrl + L   Left align a paragraph.
  33)Ctrl + M   Indent a paragraph from the left.
  34)Ctrl + N   Create a new document.
  35)Ctrl + O   Opens a new document.
  36)Ctrl + P   Prints a document.
  37)Ctrl + R   Switch the alignment of a paragraph.
  38)Ctrl + S   Saves a document.
  39)Ctrl + U   Underlines text.
  40)Ctrl + V   Pastes the copied item or text.
  41)Ctrl + X   Cuts the selected item or text.
  42)Ctrl + Y   Redo the last action.
  43)Ctrl + Z       Undo the last action.


Computer Shortcut Key For Windows :

Computer Shortcut Key

  1)Windows Key + R    Opens the Run menu.
  2)Windows Key + E    Opens Explorer.
  3)Alt + Tab    Switch between open programs.
  4)Windows Key + Up Arrow    Maximize current window.
  5)Ctrl + Shift + Esc    Open Task Manager.
  6)Windows Key + Break    Opens system properties.
  7)Ctrl + F4    Close active document.
  8)Alt + F4    Quit active application or close current window.
  9)Alt + Spacebar    Open menu for active program.
  10)Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow    Move cursor forward or back one word.
  11)Ctrl + Up or Down Arrow    Move cursor forward or back one paragraph.
  12)F1    Open Help menu for active application.
  13)Windows Key + M    Minimize all windows.
  14)Shift + Windows Key + M    Restore windows that were minimized with Previous                      Keystroke.
  15)Hold Right SHIFT key for eight Seconds    Switch Filter Keys on and off
  16)Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen    Switch High Contrast on and off
  17)Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock    Switch Mouse keys on and off
  18)Press shift five times    Switch Sticky keys on and off
  19)Hold Num lock for five seconds    Switch Toggle keys on and off

Computer Shortcut Key For Mac :

Computer Shortcut Key

  1)Command + X     Cut selected text and copy it.
  2)Command + C    Copy selected text.
  3)Command +V    Paste copied text.
  4)Command + Z    Undo previous command.
  5)Command + A    Select all items.
  6)Command + F     Open Find window to search text.
  7)Command + H    Hide windows of the front app.
  8)Command + N    Open a new document or window.
  9)Command + O    Open a selected item.
  10)Command + P    Print current document.
  11)Command + S    Save current document.
  12)Command + B    Bold selected text.
  13)Command + I    Italicize selected text.
  14)Command + U    Underline selected text.
  15)Shift + Command + Tilde (~)    Switch between open windows.
  16)Shift + Command + 3    Take a screenshot.
  17)Fn + Up Arrow    Scroll up one page.
  18)Fn + Down Arrow    Scroll down one page.
  19)Fn + Left Arrow    Scroll to beginning of document.
  20)Fn + Right Arrow    Scroll to end of document.

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